Lor, from Poopsplosion! came for an Emma’s Diary photoshoot recently, with her six-month-old daughter.  This is the first time I’ve had a “blogger” visit me before, not that it made any difference because every client that comes through the door is treated equally.  You can meet Lor and read the full review here on her blog, Poopsplosion!

This is how Lor came to visit our studio.

If you’ve ever been pregnant, chances are you’ve come across Emma’s Diary, a pregnancy and parenting site which offers a ton of advice, bargains and support to people playing the parenting game. They’ve teamed up with photographers up and down the country for an Emma’s Diary Photoshoot, to make sure you capture your little one at their very best, creating memories that will last a lifeline. Full disclosure: I was given the photoshoot and a mounted print for free, in exchange for an honest review. So, through Emma’s Diary, I was put in touch with Jo Connor from Individual Photography at Cheddar.

We chatted about any special themes or props she might like to include and this is when Lor told me that the family were huge “Superhero” fans, so baby Jess was going to be sporting her very own “Wonder Woman” costume (at least for some of the time!)  I had a perfect sunflower yellow backdrop to use for these images, which added extra “pop”.  Next up, Jess, who had only just started sitting up unaided that  week, decided she was going to live up to her superhero and show us how she might practice some flying.

Lor continues,

The shoot itself lasted a little over an hour and came to a close when it became clear my little girl was getting tired and niggly, Jo began to wind things down. We arranged a date and time to come back and view the images and I was sent home with a price list and bar of chocolate, which was a really nice touch.

When Lor and Jess came back, Jess was most amused to see herself projected 2m across during the slide show – it certainly captured her attention!   Lor decided on her favourite images that would be printed and framed for the wall and also chose her entry for the Baby of the Month competition.  If your baby is under one year old and you would like to enjoy an “Emma’s Diary” photoshoot and also enter the Baby of the Month contest, just use this contact form to get in touch.