view from antarctic peninsula towards ship in the ocean

Top tip for taking photos in the snow

The problem with snowy scenes is that the large areas of white can trick your smartphone or camera into under-exposing the photo.

Basically, the camera looks at the scene, sees all the white, and thinks it’s too bright.  It therefore reduces the exposure which effectively makes the snow look grey.

To ensure the snow appears fresh and bright, you often need to adjust the exposure levels before you take the shot. To do this, start by tapping to set focus on your subject, then simply swipe up on the screen to increase the brightness.

Be careful not to make the image too bright though, otherwise you’ll lose all of the detail and texture in the snow.

If using a DSLR camera, make sure you are in Aperture Priority (Av on a Canon,  A on a Nikon) or Shutter Priority (Tv on a Canon,  S on a Nikon) again, focus on your subject, and then move your exposure compensation dial so that it reads +1 – 1.5 stops over-exposed (it moves to the right).  To learn more about using your camera in these modes and how they can help you achieve better images, have a look at Getting off Auto