“They say families are like fudge, mainly sweet, with a few nuts” ~ Unknown

How many photographs do you take of your family?  With the abundance of smart phones and tablets that are almost compulsory to own, I bet it ranges from four or five a day to may be even a hundred plus per week.  Now, how many of them do you print out?  You know, to put on your walls, mantelpiece or bookcase.  To gaze and smile at, whilst remembering the time they were taken and the memories that come flooding back.  No?  You don’t print them out?  Not to worry, you are in the majority.   But, unfortunately, our smart phones and electronic gadgetry have a habit of getting broken, getting lost or, well, just going to cyber heaven.


3-generation family
This is why it is so important to have family portraits taken.  Professional, family portraits.  It doesn't matter if all you want are a few modest 10 "x 8" mounted prints or go the whole hog and are looking for  a statement-making 40" x 30" framed wall portrait.  If it is professionally printed onto archival paper, it is going to be around for 200 years to come.  Now, how many smart phones will come and go in that time?
Young family
  Whether your preference is for fun, light-hearted portraits, or a more traditional style or if you want to come and have them taken in our pretty much unique cube, we will help and advise you on what to wear and bring, to get the most out of your session.  And don't worry about feeling awkward - unless you are a professional model, we all feel a tiny bit awkward, but you can rest assured that I will put you at ease. That's a promise!