Here are our lucky winners from the 2017 Fairy Experience.  Mum Jessica with Jacson and Clara.  Jessica’s mum-in-law, Rosie, brought the children in for their Fairy Experience as a surprise for Jessica’s birthday.  The children were brilliant at keeping it a complete secret until Jessica was given a beautiful set of printed portraits for her birthday.  Jessica said, “it was such a wonderful surprise and so meaningful, I cried when I looked at them”.

Photograph of 2017 Fairy Experience winners collecting their wall canvas

Winners of the Fairy Experience 2017 by Individual Photography, Cheddar

This year’s winners were selected from a draw which we did in North Carolina, USA, by enlisting the help of a local family who were out shopping in the town (the video can be seen HERE on our Facebook page).  This photograph shows mum Jessica with Jacson and Clara, collecting their gorgeous wall canvas today.