We recently had a rather large family of woofers in for a portrait session. In fact, there were TEN of them altogether. Now, here at Individual Photography, we do like a challenge and a challenge is exactly what we got! The eldest were brother and sister, West Highland Terriers at 12 years old, the youngest was teeny Ted, the Yorkshire Terrier and fluff monster, Maude, who were both four months old. Fortunately, none of the dogs moult, but they have their very own grooming parlour in the back garden!

With the help of Dani from Dani’s Balanced Dogs, and the woofers’ hooman mum, we were able to get some amazing shots.

The icing on the cake was a group shot of all ten dogs looking directly at the camera altogether!

If you want to see some behind-the-scenes chaos, watch this short video!